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Changing one life at a time through education.


The Setswana word Oketsa means “to increase”. We have a vision to help our young people INCREASE their knowledge of the world, INCREASE the wisdom that they pursue and to INCREASE their relationship with God, their peers, friends and family.

The Oketsa program is situated in the Zandspruit informal settlement and is run by Piet and Leah Bakers. The dream was planted in Leah’s heart in 2016 after hearing horror stories of children in the informal settlements repeatedly failing their grade for lack of assistance and one-on-one care. Oftentimes these students are much older than they should be OR their teachers will push them onto the next grade without the student being ready. This forms an endless cycle of educational failure. Leah could not stand to see these students suffering, and thus, Oketsa was born.

How we make a difference.

The Oketsa program is home to young people who have the odds stacked against them. They do not have running water or electricity in their homes and they often find themselves studying by candlelight. Their parents and extended families are mostly uneducated and cannot help them with schoolwork. They belong to classrooms of 60+ children and share a textbook with one or two other students.

We love what we do!

We need your support to keep making a difference.

We have seen first-hand that it does take a village to raise a child. We cannot do this alone!
Some of our needs:

  • A more permanent study centre (in progress!)
  • Tables and chairs and/or desks
  • Calculators, rulers and other school supplies
  • A printer
  • R1000 monthly for daily lunches
  • Volunteers to pour into the lives of young people
  • A 7-10 passenger vehicle
  • Any other financial donations to keep us operating!


We’re always looking for extra funds for after school lunches, social events and stationary & school supplies.

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Come and spend an afternoon or two with our students helping with homework and exam prep. We all have something to offer to enrich the lives of young people.

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Maybe you can’t make it to the informal settlement, but you would still like to make a positive impact. Take a child out for a milkshake, dream together and help them believe in themselves.

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Get in touch.

Give us a call: 084 224 7750

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Based in Zandspruit informal settlement, we cater for students in dire need of tuition and mentorship.

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